Kazuya Ryūzaki quotes from Fighting General Daimos (newest)

Kazuya Ryuzaki: Your pride means nothing if this is where it leads you! Throw it all away right now!
Kazuya Ryuzaki: We're all living in the same universe. We should help each other.
Kazuya Ryuzaki: He can't fight. He's not our enemy anymore.
Kazuya: You missed my face that badly? Okay, have a good look!
Nana: You've got a pimple!
Kazuya Ryuzaki: Erika, wait for me. I'll come to find you some day. No matter what might come between us, I'll break through and find you.
Kazuya Ryuzaki: He wants me to forget Erika. But that won't make me strong. My strength comes from my love for her!

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