Mytho quotes from Princess Tutu (newest)

Mytho: It's strange, isn't it? I love everyone in the world and want to protect them... And yet, I also want to make all the world's love my own. I wonder which one is the real me? I want people to love me. But is it okay to just be loved? I don't know. My pride is still lost in the dark...
Mytho: Your beautiful heart makes beautiful flowers bloom.
To Freya.
Mytho: You have to be nicer to girls, Fakir.
Mytho: I want to see Tutu. When I think of Tutu, I become filled with the desire to see her. I want to be with Tutu always.
Mytho: When you've ripped out my heart, kiss it for me and dye your lips red with my blood.
Mytho: Even if it hurts, when I think of you, I can feel a small light coming to life in my heart. If you disappear, I feel like that light will be extinguished and vanish. I'm afraid of that.
Mytho: When I'm alone, it's so dark and so cold.

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