Fakir quotes from Princess Tutu (best)

Fakir: She couldn't be drowning in there, could she? Can ducks drown? No, knowing her, it's possible.
Rue: Say, Mytho, why don't you partner with her for the pas du deux?
Duck: What? With Mytho?
Fakir: No, Mytho can't. I'll go.
Duck: Why did you get involved?
Fakir: Mytho is changing. Into a Mytho I don't know.
Fakir: The real you is a duck. The real me... In the end, the real me has done nothing but be protected ever since I was a kid. I can't protect anyone.
Duck: Is your wound healed?
Fakir: It was finally getting better, but seeing your face has made it start throbbing with pain.
Fakir: I... Will not succumb to such a miserable fate! I'll change it!

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