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Duck: I won't decide I can't do anything without ever even trying. Because I'm the one who's going to make my story!
Duck: I thought I was doing my best for Mytho's sake, but... Was it for my own sake?
Duck: Fakir is strong. Even if he's not carrying a sword, Fakir is Mytho's knight.
Hermia: Your heart gets warm looking at it, doesn't it? It's like it's filled with the feeling of love, somehow. He must have been thinking about somebody while he created it.
Duck: But that might've been you, Miss Hermia!
Drosselmeyer: All the shards of the prince's heart have returned to him!
Duck: What? Really? So right now, he's...
Drosselmeyer: That's right, he must be suffering right about now.
Duck: Miss Freya is what's wonderful. It makes me wish I could become this wonderful. But that would–
Uzura: Never happen, zura.
Duck: What? Really?
Uzura: Really, zura.
Duck: Not at all?
Uzura: Not a chance, zura!
Duck: Wait, who are you?!
Duck: Fakir is always thinking by himself, deciding by himself, fighting by himself... By himself... Crying by himself...
Duck: If Fakir journeys down the path he believes in, I think he won't regret it, no matter what the outcome. Why not have faith in Fakir?
Duck: There are some things that just don't change after a night's sleep.
Duck: I'm a duck. I'm really only a bird. But what the prince sees is Princess Tutu in her beautiful dress. It's not me.
Rue: Say, Mytho, why don't you partner with her for the pas du deux?
Duck: What? With Mytho?
Fakir: No, Mytho can't. I'll go.
Duck: Why did you get involved?
Duck: Is your wound healed?
Fakir: It was finally getting better, but seeing your face has made it start throbbing with pain.
Duck: Mytho doesn't even know what it feels like to be in love. Even though Rue loves Mytho. Isn't that sad?
Edel: Sad?
Duck: You think so, don't you?
Edel: Is it sad for Mytho? For Rue? Or for you?
Duck: We've been walking together and talking all this time, so we're already friends.
To Rue.
Duck: With dancing, the more you practice, the more it becomes fun!
Duck: When I'm Princess Tutu, I can dance any dance I want to. But is that me? Or someone else?
Malen: You're one of the ballet students...
Duck: Well, I'm really bad at drawing pictures.
Malen: That's because you're in ballet.
Duck: I'm bad at ballet too, though.
Princess Tutu: I'm sorry. I can't save you from the suffering, because all I can do is restore your heart to you.
To Mytho.
Duck: Wow, it's so pretty.
Lilie: Totally unlike Duck.
Pike: Oh, she got depressed.
Lilie: Oh, no, did she really get depressed? How cute!
Duck: I'm not playing hooky. I'm just taking a break. I'm allowed to do that.
Duck: If I can be a girl and stay by Senior Mytho's side... Then, someday... Someday, I may be able to put a smile back on his face.
Duck: Wow, what beautiful eyes. I feel like I'll get drawn in. But they look so lonely.

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