Iron Maiden Jeanne quotes from Shaman King (newest)

Iron Maiden Jeanne: Come to think of it, maybe I already woke up from my dream at that time when I wasn't sure what justice was anymore.
Jeanne: Anatel... from Niles!
Anahol: Hey! That's my big brother, actually.
Jeanne: Brother?
Anahol: Look closely! My brother's nose was three whole centimeters longer than mine!
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Losing someone dear... Death is tragic.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: A promise is like a law. It must not be broken.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Any friend of a friend is our friend.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Doubt is the root of evil.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Laws are rules for life itself. They are natural and inherent to the universe. The pheasant chick who doesn't heed his mother's word cannot sense danger and will be taken by the hawk. The wicked bloodline of the wolf who abandons mother and cubs will end when those cubs starve to death. In nature, those who break the rules are in the wrong and are doomed. However, human society has become complicated, and people can no longer entrust themselves to nature's providence. That's why they need laws. Absolute laws, divinely enforced. In the 1700 BCE, the human race's first laws were handed down by our God of Justice, Shamash.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Insulting others is the root of evil.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: The world is currently cloaked in colossal darkness. Morality has been lost. Wickedness runs rampant. People commit sin upon sin and do nothing but hurt one another. I want to amend that. I want the pain and the sin to be gone. That's why I swore to our god I would bear all of that with my own body. If he would grant me the power to save the world, I would become an Iron Maiden myself and carry the burden of the people's crime and suffering. So that the world may know peace!

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