Faust VIII quotes from Shaman King (newest)

Ryu: It's all my fault for being so damn weak... Faust!
Faust: How can I help you, Ryu?
Ryu: Faust?
Faust: Faust's spirit, to be precise.
Ren: He's dead, that's all.
Horohoro: Don't tell me this still surprises you?
Faust VIII: Why not trust them? If your friends are dear to you, the best way you can help them in the Shaman Fight is by having faith in them.
Faust VIII: If revenge would bring Eliza back, I would get a thousand acts of revenge.
Faust VIII: Perhaps it's hard for you to comprehend. You may know the pain of losing something precious, but you don't know what it means to love.
To Marco.
Faust VIII: My family has found cures for hundreds of diseases. Nevertheless, patients still die. Old age, accidents… In the end, death defeated me. What can I do to overcome the hateful thing that is death? Why must the flesh decay? Why do people continue to be born when we know that fate awaits us? Why do we frantically try to live as we head towards death?

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