Ohgaki Chiaki quotes from Laid-Back Camp (newest)

Chiaki Ōgaki  ·  Chiaki Oogaki

Chiaki Oogaki: Sharing in the labors, the losses... Making memories is the true flavor of camping!!
Chiaki Oogaki: Getting paid made me feel so powerful, I got carried away.
Chiaki: I could retire to a place like this.
Aoi: At our age, we should be more worried about career paths than retirin'.
Nadeshiko: Something that screams "camping"! I'm looking forward to tonight!
Aoi: So curry or something?
Nadeshiko: Y-You'll see!!
Chiaki: So curry, then?
Aoi: Gotta be curry.
Chiaki Oogaki: You just won't shut up about Mount Fuji, so starting today, you'll be known as "Fujiko."
To Nadeshiko.
Chiaki: If you love Mount Fuji so much, why not hang out with the mountain climbing club? I hear they climb it every year.
Nadeshiko: No way!! Like I could climb Mount Fuji!! I'm completely satisfied just gazing at it from afar...
Chiaki: You're like a girl with a one-sided crush.
Ohgaki Chiaki: Nothing beats camping while other people are working... I'm gonna send them pics as soon as we get to the campsite!

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