Hikari Tsutsui quotes from Real Girl (newest)

Hikari Tsutsui: If people's hearts were so simple, then we wouldn't be suffering like this.
Hikari Tsutsui: Love is hard. There's never any proper answer.
Hikari Tsutsui: I think it's good if you can make your kindness into this sort of thing that can be properly returned.
Hikari Tsutsui: Are those guys really that necessary to you? I don't think you'll die or anything if people hate you.
Takanashi: You look like you're gonna cry... Well, what are you gonna do, otaku?
Tsutsui: There's not really much that I can do. I can put a picture of your face along with a whole lot of lies on the 'net and socially destroy you, is about all I can do.
Hikari Tsutsui: Something about changing and getting so happy is scary.
Hikari Tsutsui: Don't make light of the chastity of an otaku, they have their own dreams and ideals.
Hikari Tsutsui: I live because looking down on those who don't study, keeps my spirit in balance.

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