Mayu Ōba quotes from Blue Period (newest)

Mayu Ooba

Mayu Ooba: Good works of art look like they were drawn or painted as the artists saw them, but the truth is that they're incredibly calculated.
Mayu Oba: It's good to dissect other works. But it's dangerous to make too much of a comparison. You shouldn't aim to get first place but to create your own masterpiece.
Mayu Oba: You have some guts, Yaguchi!
About Yaguchi's painting.
Mayu Oba: Teaching is hard. Even though I'm raising three sons, the goal of art is different from person to person. You have to figure out your goal and how to get there by yourself. I can give advice, but even I don't know where they'll end up. ... It's exciting. I'm eager to find out how they will change in the next 120 days.
Mayu Oba: Techniques and knowledge are powerful weapons. But if you don't use them right, your art will lack punch. You have fewer weapons than non-first timers, but at the same time, you are unburdened and lithe. That's the strength of new graduates. The key is trial and error, trial and error, and trial and error. Just do your best.

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