Ryūji Ayukawa quotes from Blue Period (best)

Ryuji Ayukawa: I wish someone would forcibly take me out of this world.
Ryuji Ayukawa: I believe that my wants are the only things protecting me... but I don't even know what I want sometimes.
Ryuji Ayukawa: Is there something not normal about wanting to look cute? To look pretty? What's not normal about a man wanting another man? But underneath it all... Maybe my wants are the only things that protect me.
Ryuji Ayukawa: People who bare their naked bodies and people who try to adorn their naked bodies—they both have a certain freedom and ugliness to them, but isn't it all so lovely?
Ryuji Ayukawa: If I have to be whatever society's definition of "acceptable" is... I would die.
Ryuji Ayukawa: Frustrated? Then you've still got some fight in you.
Ryuji Ayukawa: People can't compare themselves to gods.
Ryuji Ayukawa: Would've been nice if it'd rained today. There's nothing more painful than heartbreak on a clear day...

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