Ran Mōri quotes from Case Closed (newest)

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Kogorou: A case is callign for me... The great detective Mouri Kogorou!!
Ran: Not "great", but more like "confused"...
Kogorou: Let 'im go! You know there ain't no such thing as a normal detective!!
Ran: You're a detective, aren't you?
Mouri Ran: Why did I have that feeling...? The feeling that I would never see Shinichi again... A very bad feeling...
When Shinichi runs after the men in black.
Rachel Moore: Courage is a word that gives you the strength to do what's right.
Richard: A case is calling me...! Never fear. The great private investigator Richard Moore will look everything over!!
Rachel: "Will overlook everything" is more like it...
Rachel Moore: At that moment, I had a strange premonition... that I would never seen Jimmy again... A bad premonition.
When Jimmy runs after the men in black.
Richard: Forget about him! Detectives are good-for-nothings!!
Rachel: But, dad, you're a detective!

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