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Amy: For our next activity, let's search that mysterious house on Block 2!
George: You mean the place next door to Doc Agasa's?
Mitch: Rumor has it that it's haunted!
Conan: Nooo! That's my house!
Conan Edogawa: Valentine's Day is a case of love.
(Conan puts his glasses on Haibara)
Conan: Did you know? If you put those on the no one will figure your identity! Clark Kent was pretty great at it, wasn't he?
Haibara: Oh my... So without glasses, you're Superman?
Kudou Shinichi: There's no win or loss in this. No higher or lower. Since there's only one truth to begin with.
To Hattori.
Yumi: Hey! Enough about my ex!!
Conan: Nobody asked you for the details...
Conan: Hey, why is this café named Poirot?
Azusa: Oh, the manager is a big fan of mystery novels. Have you heard of Hercule Poirot? He took the name from him! He's that famous chubby detective.
Conan: Oh yeah! I've seen him on TV! The detective in the rumpled raincoat who always says "My wife..."
Azusa: No, no! That's not Poirot! That's Columbo.
Conan Edogawa: Don't run away, Haibara. Don't run away from your fate.
(Conan puts his glasses on Anita)
Conan: You know what? For some reason, nobody can recognize you with these glasses! Clark Kent would kill for a pair like these, you know?
Anita: Oh... And what are you without the glasses? Superman?
Jimmy Kudo: Theories aren't about winning or losing. It's not a matter of better or worse. In every case... one truth prevails.
To Hattori.
Conan Edogawa: It's infuriating! He warns us of murder and then cooly carries it out!! I won't let him get away with this!!
Conan Edogawa: Wowee! A Game-Man! Yay! Yaiba's Big Adventure! Go Yaiba!! Beat Onimaru!!
Conan Edogawa: My name's Jim— No, it's uh... Conan!!! My name is... Conan Edogawa!!!
Edogawa Conan: My name is Shin... No, I mean... Conan!!! My name is Edogawa Conan!!!
Shinichi Kudo: I don't want to write about detectives... I want to be one!! The Heisei era Sherlock Holmes!!
Jimmy Kudo: I don't want to write about detectives... I want to be one!! I'm going to be a modern-day Sherlock Holmes!!

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