Iron Man quotes from Disk Wars: Avengers (newest)

Tony Stark

Iron Man: Don't take him lightly! Akira is evolving faster than the speed of light! He grows by going through hardships, and can turn any negative into a positive!
Iron Man: A man who doesn't take care of his nails won't hit it off with the ladies!
Iron Man: Digging a shortcut to the treasure is a bad habit for a treasure hunter to have.
Iron Man: A rock-n'-roller once said this: "A heavy life breeds heavy music." But Tony Stark says this: "A heavy armor breeds a heavy hitter." I'll teach you that now. It's time to rock!
Iron Man: You're pretty well-informed! How 'bout we change your name to the Silver Paparazzi?
To Silver Samurai.
Iron Man: Not even my awesome self can compete with such horrendous power! And if I'm no match, Thor definitely isn't.
Iron Man: Are you angry we didn't invite you? We can't exactly send mail to Asgard.
To Thor.

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