Boruto Uzumaki quotes from Naruto (newest)

Boruto Uzumaki: You can't know people are sketchy just by looking at them.
Boruto: You dumped that important mission?
Sarada: Just get me a caramel macchiato and we're good.
Boruto: Eat my brain? Are you even human?!
Shojoji: Humans fundamentally are creatures that eat anything and everything, right? We were just raised differently, is all.
Boruto: Where's Shinki?
Kankuro: I sent him to refill our water.
Boruto: Oh...I didn't know he drank water.
Kankuro: Of course, he does! He's someone's child.
Boruto: I'm not gonna let Shino Sensei live the rest of his life in obscurity, even though he doesn't stand out.
Metal: That's my line, Boruto! No longer will I allow my unnoticeable papa remain unnoticed!
Shikadai: Aren't you guys kinda dissing them?
Boruto Uzumaki: Mitsuki is our friend, isn't he? If we don't have faith in him right now, who will?!
Boruto Uzumaki: My destiny... So, I won't remain ordinary? Fine, bring it on. Whether it's destiny or a curse, just go ahead and try interfering... I'm a ninja! I never planned to be ordinary anyway. That's right. I don't plan on becoming the Hokage. That was Dad's story. My story... starts now!
Sarada: You're the only one in the entire village who can't see how great Lord Seventh is.
Boruto: And I'm the only one who sees what a loser my dad is.
Inojin: Well, he's supposed to have been amazing in the past.
Boruto: Well, compared to other teachers, he's not that dependable. He's got a weak presence...
Inojin: Yeah, it's almost like his shadow is stronger.
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