Yuuki Rito quotes from To Love Ru (newest)

Rito YÅ«ki

Yuuki Rito: I've been totally exhausted all morning...
Yuuki Rito: I want to tell her what I feel... But... What do I feel?
Mikan: Wonder what kind of chocolate you're getting this year.
Rito: Just so long as there's no dark matter in it...
Yuuki Rito: A person's figure isn't important! If a guy's only looking at that kind of thing, he's making a big mistake! What matters most is what's on the inside!
Yami: I'd like you to treat me to some taiyaki.
Rito: Yami...
Yami: About fifty of them...
Kotegawa: I'll let you off the hook this time. Because I'm just feeling happy for some reason...
Rito: Kotegawa... I guess you can laugh...
Kotegawa: Well I never! How rude!!
Mikan: And there was that one day it snowed a bunch, and we made a snowman here.
Rito: Oh, heah, we did! Although he wasn't exactly the most handsome snowman ever!
Mikan: Yeah, your taste... or lack thereof... really shone through!
Rito: So, you just happened to smack into her and ended up possessing her?! Sairenji, that is?!
Oshizu: Yep! ... But I think staying here any longer would be a problem for Haruna-san, so it's about time for me to head back to the old schoolhouse!
Rito: Oh, uh... Yeah.
Oshizu: Umm... How do I do that, I wonder...?
Rito: Lala!! I told you to stop wandering around naked after you take a bath!!
Lala: But I don't have Peke with me!
Rito: Even so, you could stand to be a little more shy about it...
Lala: Shy? Youuu got it! If that's what you want, then from now on, I'll wander around naked and be shy about it!!
Maron: The name's Maron! A proud Boston Terrier! How 'bout you?
Rito: Uh, I... I'm Rito...
Maron: Rito, huh? Well, not every name's a winner I guess.
Rito: Insulted by a dog...!

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