Asta quotes from Black Clover (newest)

Asta: My magic is never giving up!
Asta: We weren't chosen by mana. And so we'll make our own choices!!!! Demon-Slasher chooses what to cut. It's a katana that doesn't cut what it wants to protect!!!
Asta: Just because you're a devil doesn't automatically make you a bad guy!
Mars: I am not your enemy. Trust me.
Asta: How am I supposed to believe a guy with an evil face like yours?!
Mars: And my name is Mars, you shrimp.
Asta: Wait, your mouth's nasty now, too!
Asta: When there's someone in need, I can help them out as much as I want, whenever I want!
Asta: Despair? We don't have time for that!
Asta: We're supposed to be a team! I protect you! You protect me! Then we'll be able to fight forever! An epic strategy, if I do say so myself!
To Gauche.
Asta: Even without magical powers I'm going to become the Wizard King!
Asta: All I've ever faced since I was born... was adversity. No matter how many come at me, no matter what happens, I'll blast them all away!
Asta: Listen up, you bastards! I'm going to pile up merit, become the Wizard King, and shut you all up!
Asta: I may be just a pebble, but I'm a pebble that shatters diamonds!

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