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Yuuki Rito: I want to tell her what I feel... But... What do I feel?
Chichi: What's happened, Goku? You only ate half of what you usually eat!
Goten: Father, is something wrong?
Goku: I just don't have an appetite.
Chichi: Do you have a fever?
Goku: I don't have a fever.
Chichi: Then, are you gonna die?
Goku: I've died about two times already but this time doesn't feel like dying.
Mikan: Wonder what kind of chocolate you're getting this year.
Rito: Just so long as there's no dark matter in it...
Nana: Guess that leaves us with no choice. Tell me about your person. I'll help you look for them.
Maron: Really? Man, you're gonna make a good wife someday, little miss. In that case... my person's got a mellow, heart-soothing fragrance...
Oshizu: In the era I lived in... there were many people who could not eat, no matter how hungry they were. There was no food and so the people became emaciated... There was great suffering. And so... Why is it necessary for you go to such unreasonable lenghts to lose weight?!!
Eustass Kid: When scum rules the world, only more scum is born... You don't even understand that?
Yuuki Rito: A person's figure isn't important! If a guy's only looking at that kind of thing, he's making a big mistake! What matters most is what's on the inside!
Yami: I'd like you to treat me to some taiyaki.
Rito: Yami...
Yami: About fifty of them...
Saruyama Kenichi: Checking out boobs is what it means to be young! Boobs are our hopes! Boobs are our dreams!! Living by, for, and because of boobs is what it means to be a man in this journey called life! It's a truth that stretches across the very cosmos!!
Kotegawa: I'll let you off the hook this time. Because I'm just feeling happy for some reason...
Rito: Kotegawa... I guess you can laugh...
Kotegawa: Well I never! How rude!!
Mikan: And there was that one day it snowed a bunch, and we made a snowman here.
Rito: Oh, heah, we did! Although he wasn't exactly the most handsome snowman ever!
Mikan: Yeah, your taste... or lack thereof... really shone through!
Rito: So, you just happened to smack into her and ended up possessing her?! Sairenji, that is?!
Oshizu: Yep! ... But I think staying here any longer would be a problem for Haruna-san, so it's about time for me to head back to the old schoolhouse!
Rito: Oh, uh... Yeah.
Oshizu: Umm... How do I do that, I wonder...?
Jiren: Strength is absolute. Strength forgives all. Even the past.
Rito: Lala!! I told you to stop wandering around naked after you take a bath!!
Lala: But I don't have Peke with me!
Rito: Even so, you could stand to be a little more shy about it...
Lala: Shy? Youuu got it! If that's what you want, then from now on, I'll wander around naked and be shy about it!!
Maron: The name's Maron! A proud Boston Terrier! How 'bout you?
Rito: Uh, I... I'm Rito...
Maron: Rito, huh? Well, not every name's a winner I guess.
Rito: Insulted by a dog...!
Yuuki Saibai: So you're Lala-chan, are ya?! Mikan's told me a lot about you. Maaaan! A freeloadin' alien! Guess the world really is getting more international, am I right?!
Goku: You can transform into freaky-face mode again and beat Gas!
Vegeta: Freaky-face mode? It's called Ultra Ego, you fool!
Chaozu: You suck at insulting people, Ten.
Tenshinhan: Apologies.
Akaza: Watching the hideous decline of someone blessed with extraordinary powers... It pains me! I can't bear it! Die, Kyojuro... while you're still young and strong.
Kyojuro Rengoku: Both growing old and dying are part of the beauty of being an ephemeral creature like a human. The fact that we grow old and die is what makes human life so unbearably precious and noble. "Strength" isn't a word used to describe just the body.
Kagaya Ubuyashiki: No matter how many lives the demons take, the one thing they can never crush is a human's will. No matter how battered we are, we will always rise up again to fight.
Norma Selner: The second I looked into his eyes, the darkness inside of him stared back at me. He was the darkness itself.
Song Chi-yul: We cannot enforce the law on S-Rank hunters. They are both miraculous and catastrophic beings. I suggest you lay low, because a monster feared by other monsters might be on the hunt for you.
About Hwang Dongsoo.
Sung Jinwoo: For some reason I feel like something is destroyed inside of me everytime I get stronger.
Kang Taeshik: A guy like me who talks too much may seem pathetic to you, but someone with too many secrets isn't all that great either.
Josuke Higashikata: I know it's strange to say this to a dead person, but take care.
Yoshikage Kira: Strife is the exact opposite of the peaceful life that I aim for, so I hate it. It's easy to win one battle, but then you accumulate stress for your next battle. It's a foolish thing to do. Fighting with others is a sad and endless process.
Surface: You've heard of "Perman", right? You know the copy robot from "Perman"? Isn't that thing convenient? Don't you think it'd be great to have one around?
Josuke: Hey, Koichi. What is he talking about? What the hell is "Perman"?
Surface: You haven't heard of "Perman"?! I can't believe it. And you call yourself Japanese?
Josuke Higashikata: Just like Moses, who parted the Red Sea and walked across its floor, I'm gonna make my way through this army and beat you down!
Josuke Higashikata: Getting your Stand to come out is easy, Koichi. You just need to feel like you want to protect yourself, or you want to kick his ass. The rest is just instinct.
Child Emperor: We don't know much about him. He could be a spy from another organization— Well, maybe not with that face.
About Saitama.
All Might: If you can withstand me at 100%, then I'll force you to surrender from beyond that!
Nezu: Am I a mouse? A dog? A bear? My real identity is... the principal!
Thirteen: Before we begin, let me say one thing... or two, or three... or four... five... six... seven...
Kirishima: Well, if you're talking about flashy and strong, it's gotta be Todoroki and Bakugo, though, huh?
Tsuyu: Bakugo's always mad, so he doesn't seem like he'll be popular, though.
All Might: It's hard being a teacher...
Ochaco: I'm Ochaco Uraraka. Um, you're Tenya Iida, and you're Deku Midoriya, right?
Izuku: "Deku"?!
Ochaco: Huh? But during the fitness test, the boy named Bakugo said— "Deku, you bastard!" Right?
Izuku: Uh... my real name is Izuku, but D-Deku is what Kacchan calls me to make fun of me...
Ochaco: Oh, is that right? Sorry! But "Deku" sounds like the Japanese word for "You can do it!" so I kinda like it.
Izuku: I'm Deku!
All Might: The flame I passed on to you is still small, but in the future, it'll be exposed to wind and rain and grow even bigger. And then, I will slowly become weak and disappear, and I will finish my job. Yeah, that's deep.
Son Gohan: It sure is hard being normal without people finding out who I am.
Izuku Midoriya: All men are not created equal.

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