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Zero: Humans destroy the world. They are evil.
Weston Fields: "Developers must create robots to support humans and not create functions that will harm them." It's a rule about robots that someone thought up long ago. If only humans could apply it to each other.
S566: Humans are machines equipped with the most advanced technologies.
Fubuki Samejima: Living life is no different from playing baseball. You used all your strength, all your senses, and your intuition to play and win all those games. It was a fierce tournament, and right now is no different. Wherever you have to fight, that's the same as being on the mound.
Seiji Shijima: We can't please our customers without pleasing ourselves first.
Tohru Miyagishi: You may come to a standstill or get irritated because things don't work out the way you want them to, but what you gain from hard work will never betray you.
Semimaru Asai: It's hard to think of what to do when the optimistic guy is the one getting depressed.
Jiromaru: School uniforms really bring out the purity of a girl.
Matsumae Ohana: Yes, it really was a fairy tale. A pretty girl reached out her hand to me and... told me to die!
Matsumae Ohana: I've always wanted to meet an elderly woman who gives out candy!
Kana: Isn't that awesome? By age six, I was already interested in a medical career!
Reimi: I'm more curious about what made you want to be a detective.
Hibiki: And after doctor, you wanted to be a healer?
Kana: No... After that it was pilot, then barista, then pro wrestler!
Jin: Be careful, Xiaoyu. Williams is a killer.
Xiaoyu: She doesn't look too dangerous.
Jin: She's literally a hired killer. That's what she does for a living.
Xiaoyu: It's gonna be so disappointing for her when she's defeated by a high school kid, huh?
Jill: Kaburagi connected with Deca-dence. Basically, right now, your "Boss" is that. Deca-dence is now Kabu-dence.
Natsume: It might be impossible. It might be frightening. But I don't want to give up without trying.
Kaburagi: The world... needs bugs.
Natsume: I just can't accept it. You told me before not to have ambitions. Perhaps you're right, Boss, but to me that's the same as being dead.
Hitori Gotoh: The sports festival: the number one-source of school trauma for introverts. Parentheses, based on Japanese Introvert Society poll, close parentheses. A heinous ritual in which those with no athletic ability are shunned, and even their right to exist is stripped away. Not only during school hours, but afterward too, they are forced to perform slave labor, creating banners and practicing cheers!
Madara Uchiha: Weakness disgusts me.
Motoko Kusanagi: Whether it's self-righteous or not, we need to each decide for ourselves. Then, we must find the most beneficial outcome for others.
Yoichi Taba: The cell phone is out of range. There are no signs, guideposts, or people. Are you serious? Are we really in Japan?!
Heike Masaomi: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, eternal rest... for the dead!
Nitta: Son, what's your affiliation?
Ogami: I'm with Class 1-B.
Ogami Rei: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and evil for evil. Burn away.
Metropoliman: So even though you're all cute and childlike, you're special-rank?
Nasse: Maybe it's my cuteness that's so exceptionally special.
Mirai Kakehashi: I can't find happiness if I stay cooped up inside.
Hideo Azuma: It's not like it happened all of a sudden. Indeed, the scary thing is that dependence creeps up on you!
Hideo Azuma: The sound of my own voice saying I'm going insane keeps ringing in my head! It's making me feel sick! Feeling sick is making me go insane!
Narrator: Goku remains in the Next World. Gohan and the others move on, with memories of Goku in their hearts.
Hideo Azuma: When I was homeless I wanted to start working. When I did physical work, I wanted to become an artist.
Hideo Azuma: The great thing about physical work is you sleep real well afterwards.
Hideo Azuma: Rain, cold, and the summer heat are the toughest for the homeless.
Hideo Azuma: Since I almost never talked to anyone else, I created another me and would talk to him.
Hideo Azuma: If you think about it, the time I was homeless, I actually had a healthier lifestyle. Early to bed, early to rise, good food, good digestion, "worked" when fine, read when wet.
Hideo Azuma: When I woke up from my dream of being battered by a cold wind, I was being battered by a cold wind! It totally failed to fulfill its duty as a dream!
Hideo Azuma: Swiping food from a homeless person is just about the lowest, most forbidden thing a human can do.
Hideo Azuma: There's nothing better in the world than sleep. All the fools get up to work.
Hideo Azuma: I hung myself using the slope of the mountain. But I just ended up falling asleep.
Ruirui: Being normal doesn't mean you can't have a personal identity.
Shadow: My organization was never walking the path of righteousness, but we don't walk the path of evil either. We only walk down our own path. If you can do that, then go ahead. Bring me the guilt for all the crimes in all the world. I will gladly accept all of it. But it won't change anything. Even with that, I... We will do what we must do.
Cid Kagenou: I make a very clear distinction between what's important to me and what's not. As people go through life, they collect more things that have value to them. They make friends, find significant others, get jobs. But me? I trimmed the fat. And when I was done... all I had left was what I absolutely couldn't do without. And that's why I don't particularly care what happens to anything else.

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