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Doctor: Our orders from above are just to cause as much pain as possible. Okay, let's start with the teeth this time.
Asta: When there's someone in need, I can help them out as much as I want, whenever I want!
Yuno: Even if you're poor, an orphan or even us... We can become greater than anyone else in this world.
Yami Sukehiro: Those who enter a bathroom without toilet paper are like birds who've had their wings torn off. They'll never be able to fly out to the blue sky that lies beyond the bathroom ever again.
Asta: Despair? We don't have time for that!
Vanessa Enoteca: If we get out of this alive, I'll give you a hug. You can cry all you want right into my bosom.
Gifso: Your hard work won't betray you!

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