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Ruby: Reading stories about heroes was what made me want to be a Huntress.
Blake: Because they all have a happy ending? The real world isn't the same as a fairy tale.
Ruby: That's why we're here! To make it a better place.

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Erika: Happiness built on a lie is an illusion!
Silva: He brings that sword down on what he needs to in order to achieve his great dream!
Yoh Asakura: Everyone dies, sooner or later. That's why we don't live to live a long life. We live to die properly.
Yoh: Wake us up so we don't oversleep, okay, Amidamaru?
Amidamaru: Glad to be of service after so long.
Ren: Bason. I don't trust him on his own.
Bason: Your old faithful Alarm Bason, my liege.
Vegeta: I was too easy... on him...
Kazuya: You missed my face that badly? Okay, have a good look!
Nana: You've got a pimple!
Jaune Arc: My dad said all that women look for in a man is confidence. Where did I go wrong?


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