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L: Amane's obsessive love toward Light Yagami is just about all we've figured out.

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Konoha B. Nanase: If you only show a child things that have been edited to your biases, will they grow up to be a good person? If you show them an unfiltered world, will they grow up to be bad?
Bright: An AI that stops thinking loses its reason for existence.
Taiyou: All we can do is sit still and wait.
Touya: No, we'll escape. We have to move.
Taiyou: We Japanese don't get frantic and agitated in situations like this.
Touya: The opposite is true in zombie movies. The guys who sit still die.
Mina Misasa: If it hits us and we die, I wonder if I'll get over 100 million followers. Well, will we actually be turned into a fine dust and die? If you are interested, subscribe to my channel.
Osa: Shinobi Rule Number 20. If you are facing death, then draw on whatever you have left to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy before dying.
Tanabe Jiro: It is out of that desperate gulf that "expectation" is born.
Mayaka: Time to get away from this! We're drinking tonight!
Hotaro: Now we're drinking?!
Mayaka: Oolong tea, mostly!


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