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Red Skull: Evil will never triumph in this world. I have realized that to overcome the rules of this world, I must destroy the very world itself! Soon, the Earth will die, the world will end, and its rules will crumble to dust!
Akira Akatsuki: Maybe separately we'd be no match for you... But... We're not alone! If the Avengers and the Guardians come together as heroes... They definitely won't lose to a guy like you!
Leon S. Kennedy: Jason doesn't give a damn about justice. He wants the world to know what real terror's like. The kind him and his men knew. He wants that to be the new reality for everyone, and then... he wants to burn it all down.
Thor: Even if all of the Avengers were to fall here... The spirit of justice shall revive as many times as necessary! As long as Captain America is there!
Noriko Ashida: I don't need a power that can save the world! I... I just want to be the same as everyone else!
Noriko Ashida: Villains are scary... so please escort me home! While we're at it, let's get some tea, watch a movie and go shopping, please?
Iron Man: A man who doesn't take care of his nails won't hit it off with the ladies!

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