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Leopold Vermillion: If you aren't prepared to get hurt, stay off the battlefield!
Kirsch Vermillion: I'm still beautiful, even when I'm covered in blood.
Acier Silva: As a Magic Knight, once you decide you're going to step out onto the battlefield, you fight for the people and your kingdom without thinking twice about risking your life, right? In a similar way, once a woman has a child in her belly, she will try to protect that baby's life at any cost. That's what it means to be a mother.
Mars: I am not your enemy. Trust me.
Asta: How am I supposed to believe a guy with an evil face like yours?!
Mars: And my name is Mars, you shrimp.
Asta: Wait, your mouth's nasty now, too!
Noelle Silva: When people care for you, none of your problems are just your own anymore.
Doctor: Our orders from above are just to cause as much pain as possible. Okay, let's start with the teeth this time.
Asta: When there's someone in need, I can help them out as much as I want, whenever I want!

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