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Yuuki Rito: I want to tell her what I feel... But... What do I feel?
Chichi: What's happened, Goku? You only ate half of what you usually eat!
Goten: Father, is something wrong?
Goku: I just don't have an appetite.
Chichi: Do you have a fever?
Goku: I don't have a fever.
Chichi: Then, are you gonna die?
Goku: I've died about two times already but this time doesn't feel like dying.
Mikan: Wonder what kind of chocolate you're getting this year.
Rito: Just so long as there's no dark matter in it...
Nana: Guess that leaves us with no choice. Tell me about your person. I'll help you look for them.
Maron: Really? Man, you're gonna make a good wife someday, little miss. In that case... my person's got a mellow, heart-soothing fragrance...
Oshizu: In the era I lived in... there were many people who could not eat, no matter how hungry they were. There was no food and so the people became emaciated... There was great suffering. And so... Why is it necessary for you go to such unreasonable lenghts to lose weight?!!
Eustass Kid: When scum rules the world, only more scum is born... You don't even understand that?
Yuuki Rito: A person's figure isn't important! If a guy's only looking at that kind of thing, he's making a big mistake! What matters most is what's on the inside!

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