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Trixie: If we die... we go to Heaven?
Iggy: No Heaven or Hell for us. This world is all we've got.
Iggy: We may live longer than old Nexus... but life doesn't mean living. I am for living. That's what we fight for.
Sakura: Is there anything you'd like me to bring you?
Sarada: A dad... might be nice.
Naruto Uzumaki: Children can't choose their parents. But they can choose their friends.
Kawaki: Your breath stinks, pig.
Sai: Danzo Shimura... The man who used every despicable means in order to protect the Hidden Leaf. However, his actions were ultimately based on his own personal view of what was best for the village. To avenge him by destroying the village is mistaking the cause for the end.
Kagemasa: If you want someone to believe in what you're trying to do, there's only one thing you must do... Don't just say it, prove it by your actions!

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